What’s In His Gym Bag? Part 2/2

Next up in the little mini series: What’s In His Gym Bag?!!!?


I’m so excited to have Spencer on my blog, sharing what he brings to the gym. He’s much more into working out than I am, although, I’m trying to keep up! With that being said, his gym bag is a lot more simplistic than my own–but, what he’s got really works!

I sat down with Spencer and we rummaged through his bag, picking out his top 3 “must have” products to bring ease and comfort back into your man’s work-out!

LUSH’s “T For Toes” is easily one of both of our favourite products! It’s a deodorizing foot powder that can be used inside the sock or in the sneaker directly to remove odour as well as any dampness that accumulates during your work-out.

At $6.95 for 60g, it’s super inexpensive and it works!

Spencer: “I love this stuff because it makes for a quick fix to a problem that I wasn’t sure what to do about. It smells very earthy and citrusy because of the tea tree and lime oils, so I like it just as much as Becca does! I don’t think I would gravitate towards floral scented products, so this was a great find for us. I keep it in my bag because I use it a lot more but don’t be fooled… She’s got super smelly feet!”

He’s right, I do. 
You can find LUSH’s “T for Toes” on their website and it’s available for shipping!


My personal favourite item to snag from his bag is the St. John’s Soap Works “Trouser Powder”! This stuff is very similar to LUSH’s “Silky Underwear” at a fraction of the cost. LUSH comes in at $8.95 for 2.1oz whereas St. John’s Soap Works is $12 for 6oz! Triple the product for $3 more! And, I personally like it a lot more!

Spencer: “I use this powder as deodorant, to fight chafing (stop laughing, it’s a real thing!!!) and to sprinkle on my… ANYWAYS! It’s a great product to have around to keep you fresh. It works to whisk away sweat and stink and doesn’t leave your body feeling chalky or irritated. I really enjoy using it during intense cardio or shaking a bit in the back of my shirt or short just to help with sweat stains! Becca uses it in her shorts during cardio, too!”

As someone who gets extremely irritated from products being too close to YA KNOW, I was pleasantly surprised with this through its trial run. It survived 75 minute hot yoga in 45 degree heat and when rubbed on my thighs, completely removed all chafing during a rigorous cardio session! I have bigger thighs, chafing is real, this stuff will help.

You can find “Trouser Powder” on ETSY and on FACEBOOK!


Last but not least, a product that I don’t have much of an opinion on– but, Spen’s got a lot to say! All I can tell you is that they look HELLA GOOD on and not hearing underwear complaints at the gym…at yoga… at night…. IS A GOD SENT.

Spencer: “These things. Where do I start? Becca bought me Saxx underwear 2 years ago for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you’ve worn Saxx, you know how amazing they are… Now take Saxx and multiply that by 10. These are the Obviously Lumber Collection 3″ Boxer Brief from The Briefcase Co. and they are the most comfortable pair of briefs that I have ever owned. They cradle (does that sound bad?) your junk (that sounds bad) and honestly gives you freedom to move while giving you a little support through your daily duties and especially when working out. I put these to the test. Hot yoga: check. Cardio: check. Lazy Sunday: check. I attempt laundry: check. Fool proof. So comfortable, so lightweight and fit me perfectly. I want 30 other pairs for Christmas!!!”

He’s right. Who knew someone could be so excited about underwear?
At $24, I’ll definitely be picking up a few more pairs as gifts! From a ladies’ standpoint, they fit him amazingly as the fabric stretches to fit his bootylicious rear and doesn’t sag or bring us right back to the middle school boxer days we’ve worked SO HARD to get away from. Babe, if your boyfriend has printed boxers– you know what I’m talking about– go throw them out right now and buy him a pair of these. Trust me.

DISCLAIMER: These were given to me back in May and unfortunately, due to extreme circumstances, I wasn’t able to blog as much as I intended. It’s been a rough few months!!! So, with that being said, they’re a seasonal item and they don’t have many left!!! If by chance you don’t get to snag a pair from the Obviously Lumber Collection, they definitely have something else that will spark your interest!

Check out these similar products on their site ~

Obviously Downtown Collection 3″ Boxer Brief in Red Brick, $32

Clever 2016 Collection Elemental Boxer Brief $39


Sending special love and gratitude to The Briefcase Co. family for being so tolerant on my inability to keep to deadlines in the past 3 months! Life, guys– it sneaks up on ya!

You can find these on their online store (linked above) and any questions can be addressed to Jayn through their e-mail address or FB page.

I wanted to include just a few notable mentions of products that I definitely think would be beneficial to try AND to gift! I’ll be doing a “Christmas Gift Guide” this holiday season, so here’s a little sneak peek on what the active men in my life will be receiving!


Men, if you’re looking for an amazing deodorant spray that’s mid-range in price and literally breathe-taking, try out Dior Sauvage available at Sephora for $35!


Another amazing deodorant, this time in a stick, is the Tom Ford Noir! It’s $45 for a 2.5oz stick and smells absolutely incredible. This is also available at your local Sephora as well as online!


I don’t know about the men in your life, but mine doesn’t like extra steps! He’s a “one product for everything” kind of guy and doesn’t like the fuss of personal upkeep! This is an amazing product for guys to throw in their gym bag and not think about! The Jack Black All-Over Wash for Face, Hair and Body is the perfect addition to any man’s gym bag! It smells amazing and it’ll cut down the fuss of bringing shampoo, body wash and face wash to the gym. I would die if I used 2-in-1 shampoo but somehow Spencer is IN LOVE with anything that does 2+ things. Go figure, right? Men… PFFT. This is $18.50 at Sephora for 6oz. It also comes in a 16oz container for $24 and 33oz for $54! The 330z comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump as well, for anyone who wants to repurchase it for at home!

Today I am thankful for new tattoos, lemon water, comfortable heels and meeting friends!

Thank-you guys so much for reading, let me know if this was something you’re into! I loved writing with Spencer and it’ll be much more efficient when I start YouTube, which is oh so soon!! We’ll be able to sit down and show you products rather than just touch briefly on each item! I think videos will be a lot more fun!

Until next time,

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Little Chit Chat Life Update! (August 10th)

~ Hey Besties ~

I just wanted to sit down and write a quick little up-to-date, what’s going on, chit chat piece to kind of keep everyone in the loop during this crazy period in my life.

I have been absent on my blog–something that’s completely unintentional and will be changed– because I have been working on a ton of things and kind of got a little ahead of myself. Integrity is #1 and I want to be able to deliver what I say I will to the amazing companies I’m working with, so I’ve been doing some backtracking to test products, build relationships and although I have been swamped in my personal life (seriously, life has been manic), I’m definitely going to make sure I keep all of you a priority!


So I have a few AMAZING announcements that I’m just… Ugh… So excited for!!!


Yeah.. That happened! I’m literally moved to tears every single time I talk about it but I was accepted into Blanche MacDonald through early admissions (unheard of) for 2017. So, Spencer and I are moving next August to Vancouver, British Columbia so that I can pursue my passion in editorial and SFX make-up artistry! It’s probably the #1 reason why I’ve been crazy absent. I’ve been working on a ton of portfolio work and really trying to get the rest of my life in order so that I can focus on the big picture, not laundry–if you know what I mean. This a huge personal win and I’m so excited to be a student again!

Playing around with royal blues and periwinkles for this editorial piece

#2…. I WENT VEGAN!!!

Another personal win. I have been trying to slowly remove animal products from my life for about 3-4 months now and did “Meatless May” as a little teaser to the lifestyle. I started from eating nasty, over processed junk every single day to removing meat completely and LET ME TELL YOU… Not easy. It was like I was in remission from a meat coma that I so desperately wanted to fall back into but I stuck with it and eventually I became a pescatarian (just eats fish and plant based) after the month.

Now, I’m removing fish completely and slowly transferring into the full vegan, hopefully 70% raw, lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier! This isn’t only an ethical standing for me, but it’s me finally taking control of my insane body. After multiple stomach and digestive issues, I’m removing crap from my diet and taking my health by the balls. THE VEGGIE BALLS.

If you told me 5 years ago I would be a full on veggie humper in 2016, I would’ve laughed into the bite of my BigMac. Happiness comes in all shapes and forms people and I’m having an actual relationship with this green smoothie right now! Mono meals and raw,vegan goodness… HERE I COME!


Probably my most asked question is “ARE YOU EVER GOING TO START YOUTUBE?” and the answer is YES. I’ve made the decision that come March 2018 I will be weening off my blog and focusing more on video-based social media. I will not be getting rid of the blog, just simply writing once or twice a month and making YouTube videos weekly.

I have made the plan to save up for lighting and then I’ll be filming my first video immediately. In my office, where I’ll be filming, the lighting can be incredibly hazy with only a small window, so once you can see my face in video, I’ll definitely be starting my YT channel. Channel is made, content is written, the collaborations are planned and the creative juices are flowing people! First video ideas? I’m thinking about doing an “About Me Tag”… Yes?



Sike. I feel like my mom just actually had a heart attack. She’s already got her phone out and dialling before reading on. Sorry Mom, false alarm! No, Spencer and I are not engaged!
The new followers that I’ve had in the past few weeks have been pummelling me with questions as to what Spencer is, exactly. Literally bombarding. Although I always refer to him as my boyfriend, y’all have managed to really get yourselves really friggen excited and I’m getting this secondhand excitement OVER NOTHING!! I’m like “DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING I DON’T?”… And maybe you do!!! But, as of now, Spencer and I are just trying to learn how to fold towels so they all fit into the cupboard and figuring out our coffee maker. Being an adult is so much more than I expected *dramatic sigh*.

And just a few little things housekeeping mentions to tidy up our chit chat..

I’m currently working with Stella&Dot on their Fall Collection launch and will be posting pictures onto my Instagram of some of my favourite pieces! There will be a blog post in the end, but a few of my pieces are arriving shortly and then I have to plan wardrobe, sort make-up looks, pair pieces together and yadda yadda! Boring girly shit. (It’s incredible what women complain about)

Check out their NEW Fall Collection on their website, or on their Instagram @stelldot. The pieces are absolutely incredible and completely affordable.

The Marcell Collar Necklace in their NEW Fall Collection: $39

: I am an affiliate with Stella&Dot and I do get paid if you purchase a piece through this little link right…. HERE. Not enough to feed myself, but, it’s a little something-something for ya girl. I do not get paid to talk about them– this is all my personal opinion and if I did not like their jewelry, I would not talk about them.

Follow along on IG, SnapChat and Twitter (links below) to see all of the pieces I’ll be wearing this season and stay tuned for my complete Stella&Dot collection with outfit pairings into September.

I will also be attending VegFest 2016 in St. John’s on August 20th at the Remax Center from 9am-6pm for anyone who would like to come spread some veggie love! Please drop down if you’re even slightly interested in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle or if you’re a veggie humper already! It’s free admission and it’s going to be a TON OF FUN! 

Aaaaand that’s about it. 

Today I am extremely thankful for accidentally vegan sriracha popcorn, “me time”, watercolour painting and sunshine!

Thank you, over and over again, for being so supportive and understanding as to why I’ve been gone for so long, but, I’m back to stay. Sending ALL of my love and positive vibes!


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What’s In My Gym Bag? Part 1/2

Now that I’m running (literally) head on into my new and improved healthy lifestyle, I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I carry in my gym bag. Hint: lots.

Fortunately, I have an amazing boyfriend who is so incredibly supportive–so we’re writing together for the very first time! Just A Bit of Becca, and a little bit of Spencer! We’re opening up our super smelly gym bags and sharing all of our favourite gym products with all of you!

For part 1 of this 2 part mini series, let’s dive into my gym bag!


Messy, stuffed full and smells like lavender and patchouli.

I carry a Victoria’s Secret Pink Gym Bag that was $32.95 regular price and I picked it up on sale for $17! It’s the perfect size for everything that I carry and has thin, breathable fabric so that nothing ends up musty and stinky (can’t say the same for Spencer’s bag). I never leave dirty clothes or shoes in my bag, as you’ll see, and this really helps with odour control. I also bathe in VS body spray, but like, necessary…

1. Cellucor Super HD Weight Management Pills


First thing I have in my gym bag are the Cellucor Super HD Weight Management Pills. I have been advised to take one in the morning, 30 minutes before my breakfast and one in the evening, 30 minutes before my dinner. While I found in the beginning that the caffeine (or another ingredient) in them really made me sick and weak–I tried taking them right before a meal and find much better results. No wait time, just take a pill and have my meal. I don’t take these everyday and I don’t always take them twice a day! At 125lbs, standing 5′ 5″, I don’t necessarily need to loose weight, just to tone and sculpt.

Cellucor Super HD Weight Management Pills help to control my appetite, boost my metabolism, give me an increase in energy and help promote fat loss.

I completely recommend these pills if you’re looking to amp up your current dieting and workout regime. Don’t take these expecting results without working for them! Yes, they’ll help you drop your water weight.. But nothing compares to a well-balanced, healthy diet and hard work. These aren’t magic pills! The harder you work, the better they work!

I also take their powder in the flavour Strawberry Lemonade as a pre-work out! I find that creatine makes me absolutely loopy, itchy and stomach sick so I opted for a weight loss powder that had added energy in it–just for a little boost. I was recommended Cellucor Super HD powder after having bought their pills, so I float from one to the other. Although I do prefer the powder, the pills are definitely a convenience.

2. Cosmobody Jump Rope


Next, I have my CosmoBody jump rope that I received in my “Welcome Box” with Fab Fit Fun! At first I was kind of bummed out. I just got this *supposedly* wicked subscription box and got a jump rope??? Snooze fest.

I jumped online to see if there are any jump rope workout routines that I would actually be interested in doing and if you check out Fab Fit Fun’s website, they have actually posted some amazing little work-out routines to test out your new rope!

Now, I absolutely love skipping as part of my cardio routine, to mix it up a little. There’s only so much running I can do before I’m dead bored. 10 minutes of skipping is said to burn 150 calories SO if you’re looking for some fun, new cardio you should totally pick up a jump rope and try it out!

3. Iphone Arm Sport Band


I also have my sport arm band for my Iphone5S tucked away in my gym bag! This is mostly used when I run outdoors, but, I like to keep it in my gym bag in case I’m doing any sort of high intensity cardio off of the machines at the gym!

I got this arm band from Aliexpress for $3 and it works perfectly for me! It has a place to hold your house key, an adjustable arm strap and is so comfortable to wear. I chose it in black, but they have a wide range of colours including pink, blue, red, yellow and purple!

As I mentioned, it’s very comfortable but mind you, if you’re sweating and you’ve got tight fabric wrapped around your arm, sweat will accumulate there! So, even though it works perfectly for me–the warm, chafing upper arm isn’t the most agreeable feeling. But, that’s the only con and it’s something I’m able to put up with in exchange for a hands free work-out (I also don’t really sweat too much). Ipod Shuffles are another great alternative for a hands free work-outs! They simply clip onto your clothing and are the size of a toonie! More of a higher priced alternative, but still an alternative nevertheless!

With the arm band there’s no bulk, no fuss and it’s reasonably priced!

4. Monster Diamond Tears Headphones


These are my babies!

I saw these Monster Diamond Tears Headphones when I was at the gym and couldn’t help but notice another girl wearing them. I became obsessed and went home to Google what they looked like to see if I could something similar. “Diamond headphones” did the trick! I bought these off of Amazon for around $300 about 2 1/2 years ago!

The quality of these headphones is absolutely incredible, being able to block out noise with the music turned off as well. They have a “tangle-proof” cord that, in nearly 3 years, I have yet to untangle once! It’s a flat cord–very thick and sturdy. 

The headphones themselves are also extremely well-made! After 2 1/2 years of abuse with no case, being thrown in a gym bag/ carry-on/ beach bag, they have absolutely no scratches!! That’s pretty impressive considering I’m notorious for ruining anything expensive, hence why I’m thrifty and dollar savvy.

Amazon.ca is the place to go if you’re interested in these headphones! They seem to be about $70 less than other online stores that carry Monster.


They’re also available in Gold and Black/Purple aside from the ones I purchased, but my heart was stuck on the true Diamond colouring! By far these are the best headphones I’ve ever owned. Sturdy, gorgeous and they sound amazing! My favourite gym accessory.

5. Contigo Water Bottle


Boring, but it’s in there! This is just a Contigo water bottle that was gifted to me in my Christmas present from Spencer’s mom! I had been mentioning that I needed a new gym bottle and I’m very happy with this gym bag addition!

I believe it’s 32oz., don’t quote me on that, and has a screw top! It’s rubber outer casing can be a bit of an annoyance with how much grit and gunk that sticks to it from my gym bag (that should be obviously cleaned), but it’s nothing that a little wash off can’t fix. 

I love its size and it keeps my water nice and cold! I do have a couple bottles with spouts that I recently purchased from Contigo as well, but I really do prefer this bottle. You can find it on Contigo’s website or at your local Target.

6. Deodorant


Deodorant. Nothing fancy.
This one is from Secret and it smells like Vanilla, but not obnoxiously.
It was $3? Maybe, if that. Again, nothing fancy.

Hilariously enough, I have under active sweat glands in my armpits, so I actually don’t sweat. It’s something I’ve gone to the doctor about and they said that it’s nothing serious, I just tend to overheat extremely easily and have to focus on rehydration when performing strenuous activity. I don’t even have armpit hair… So weird, right?

On a day to day basis, I do not wear deodorant! When Spencer and I started dating, he noticed that immediately as we were getting ready for the day together and thought I was crazy!! Such an odd thing but I really can’t complain… No sweat and no armpit hair? What’s a little passing out from overheating and extreme rehydration, am I right? You can’t win ’em all.

All jokes aside–I don’t buy any expensive or fancy deodorants because I don’t really need it. The odd time that I would be pouring sweat and get a little stinky, this does the trick!

7. Neoprene Sweat Band


Next is my neoprene sweat band that I purchased off of Aliexpress. As I mentioned above, I don’t really sweat and that’s been a huge problem when trying to loose weight! I spoke to a friend of mine who suggested getting a cheap neoprene band that will help me to target sweat production around the place that I want to shrink the most–my mid section!

This has been a game changer! Although it was $8 and isn’t the best quality, I find that my mid section is slimming down faster than it was, as well as having a lot more sweat accumulate in this section! Other parts of my body have regular sweat production (maybe slightly decreased), but I still like to have that extra something-something to help slim my tummy! So far, so good! This is machine washable and is in the size small. For reference, my waist is 27.5″ and my hips are 38.5″ around. Size 5 pants. My hips don’t lie.

8. LUSH’s Breath Of Fresh Air Toner


If you take only one thing from this entire post (let’s hope it’s more than one), you need to purchase Breath Of Fresh Air if you are an avid gym-goer.

Let’s set the scene… It’s 8 o’clock, bright and early, and you’re starting your cardio routine. You’re sweating, you’re loving it (sarcasm, no one likes morning cardio). You’ve just finished up and head to the changing room… You take a glance at your phone and OH MY GOD it’s 10:30 and you have to be at work by 11!! Unwashed face and all, you’re now heading into work with what will soon be a full face of pimples. Thank-you perspiration.
Just me?

I always carry baby wipes and body wipes for the quick fix, but, I was noticing my face was breaking out quite often after the gym–even when I come home immediately and shower. So I decided to try a spray on toner to pair with my make-up wipes to see if that would make any difference and it did! Thank goodness!

I’m stuck between Breath Of Fresh Air and Tea Tree Water being my favourite toners. Breathe Of Fresh Air contains:
♡ Organic Aloe Vera Gel
♡ Sea Water
♡ Carrageenan (seaweed) Extract
♡ Rose Absolute
♡ Patchouli Oil
♡ Rosemary Oil
♡ Seaweed Oil

It’s very calming and soothes my face. It’s great for adding those missing vitamins and minerals back into your face while providing a ton of added moisture. I love this toner for everyday use as well! It just works so well to kill bacteria that’s built up at the gym that I tend to throw it in my gym bag! It smells amazing, too.

This little dude is $10.95 for 100ml and $22.95 for 250ml–so worth it.

On the other hand we have the OG Tea Tree Water–tried and true. I can’t live without this toner, SO why isn’t it in my gym bag?

For my skin personally, I find an overload on tea tree oil or tea tree based products can really irritate my skin. My current skin routine has tea tree spray and tea tree oil along with a pore banishing cream (all from The Body Shop), so therefore, I use the toner only when I’m having a really bad skin day!

It is the most badass toner you’ll find though. All natural, organic, vegan yadda yadda and it works so incredibly to kill oil and moisturize your skin! If I were you, I would buy the Tea Tree Toner if you’re not already including tea tree into your everyday skincare routine or if you’re a heavy sweater! This will kill bacteria and reduce oil without removing the natural oils from your skin.

9. Purple Haven’s Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaner


Something I would have never thought to buy– yoga mat cleaner!

Made by the lovely people of Purple Haven, this spray has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria and leave your mat smelling amazing! This can be used on sweaty sneakers and smelly gym bags too!

Purple Haven is located about an hour and a half from Toronto in Canfield. It’s the most gorgeous lavender farm that you will ever see, although I’ve only enjoyed its beauty from pictures! This lovely company makes a ton of incredible products using the lavender that they farm including bath bombs, bath soaks, body butters, sugar scrubs, pet products, carpet spray, shower steamers and more!

If you love lavender as much as I do, check out their online store @ www.purplehaven.ca or if you’re in the Toronto area, stop into their farm! They have special dates that the farm is open to the public–something you must do!

Have you ever seen fields upon fields of lavender? Have you ever smelled it?  Me neither!! Don’t pass up the opportunity and let me know how it smells. Living vicariously through my YYZ family!!!



I always carry food with me wherever I go–especially when I’m going to the gym. I’m into the schedule of AM cardio, breakfast, lunch, PM weight training, dinner and a PM snack in regards to working out and eating–but sometimes I can’t make it between the gym and home and NEED something to hold me over!

There were times at the gym that I would literally leave mid work-out because my stomach was aching so incredibly from emptiness… Never again. 

I carry whatever I have in the house–always healthy, always quick.
Right now I’ve got a couple Quaker Yogurt bars and a few Clif bars floating around in there! It’s not uncommon to see an apple in there poking around or any type of unsalted nuts. Just something that I can grab on the go!

For anyone with sensitivity to pre work-out and creatine (I know it can’t be just me), try taking your supplement, eating something small and really hydrating while at the gym. Not just regular hydration but really focusing on keeping your body full of water. Difficult with cardio, I know… But, try. It has changed the game for me! No more AM nausea in regards to emptiness + pre work-out + cardio! 

11. Kate Somerville Cleanser


Living, breathing and dying for this cleanser!

I always carry a gentle cleanser with me for the purposes of a quick wash after morning cardio! I don’t sweat often but when I do, I find that it’s controlled around my face, neck and buttocks region. With that being said–breakouts occur.

I love Kate Somerville products and this gentle cleanser is perfect for a quick, on the go scrub to soothe my skin and prevent breakouts! Sometimes a shower has to wait but washing my face can’t! These, along with a make-up wipe, will save your face.

So between my “I have 10 minutes to be at work” wash with make-up wipes and a toner and “I have time to shower”, sits my quick cleanse with Kate Somerville. It’s tough being a girl *dramatic hand to forehead*

12. Saje Eater’s Digest


Saje. Where all of your naturopath dreams come true!

I was a skeptic. Believe me, I was a huge skeptic. You’re telling me that a bunch of oils mixed together will help with stress, sleeplessness and indigestion? Bull poop. Buncha hocus, pocus if you ask me…

But there came a time after multiple different medications failing that I became so desperate to find something for my stomach ulcers (that’s another story on its own), that I said “WHY NOT?”, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

I purchased this along with their Sleep Well and Stress Release and was completely floored. First of all, they smell great! Exactly like you think essential oil blends would smell–earthy, little bit of citrus and very calming. If you don’t like a scent that sticks, then this isn’t for you. For them to work, smelling them is key.

Secondly, they work. They work really well. For someone who has battled with a ton of medical issues her entire life, to find something that worked with absolutely no side effects was beyond relieving. Saje has changed my life! I have repurchased about 3 bottles since discovering this crazy essential oil phenomenon and will continue purchasing and testing everything out for as long as I need too.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any stomach issues–check out Eater’s Digest! They also have incredible remedies for snoring, pain relief, headaches, skin conditions, asthma, allergies, cold and flu, hormonal health, weight loss and even aphrodisiacs… hmm..*wink wink nudge nudge*.

Truth is, they’ve got something for everyone along with nebulizers and diffuser sets! Hassle free with all the same benefits! (It’s on my Christmas list)

You can check them out online @ www.saje.ca or at your local store! If you’re in St. John’s, check them out at the Avalon Mall– they have the most incredible customer service!! Very knowledgable and eager to teach you everything they know!

Stay tuned for a Saje haul and review! I’ve got my Top 10 must-haves!

13. Tory Burch Absolu Perfume


I always carry some perfume on me, preferably a small bottle, for that little pick me up after a long, hot work-out.

Lately, I’ve been wearing the Tory Burch Absolu that I received as a points perk from Sephora a while back! I kept it tucked away in my “sample size” drawer and when cleaning it out, I found this! Tried it, loved it, buying the full size!

I’m weird in that I love very sweet smelling perfumes, think Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy or Marc Jacob’s Daisy Sorbet–nothing musky, nothing “clean”–but I really like this for some reason. It has notes of fresh tuberose, pink pepper, pure rose, vetiver and sandalwood (says Sephora’s website), which are notes that I would never enjoy in a perfume, but somehow, this works on me.

It definitely smells different on my skin than in the bottle, which is understandable since that is the way with most perfumes–they oxidize and react to your bodies hormones etc. So maybe it just smells sweeter on me than it was intending? Either way, I adore this scent. The cute little bottle is also perfect for my gym bag.

14. Crazy Rumors Black Cherry Soda Lip Balm

Lastly, I carry a chapstick! Cardio, huffing and puffing, dry lips–you know?

This little guy was picked up from All Cosmetics Wholesale, but can be found on their main website www.crazyrumors.com.

They have the most incredible scented lip balms, in the most adorable packaging! I mean, common, packaging is everything, right?? Some scents include Black Cherry, Cinnamon Bun, Amaretto, Sweet Thai Tea and Apple Spice, which smells like Christmas!!

They retail for $3.49 each and shipping is only $2.95!
Super moisturizing, all-natural, vegan, certified organic and slightly sweetened with a touch of natural stevia, these lip balms are truly unique!

That concludes Part 1 of 2 in my What’s In My Gym Bag little mini series, all of my work is done! Next, Spencer will be guest writing to show you what he has been loving in his fitness regime! He’s a lot more strict and focused than I am–that, I am envious of.


Stay tuned to see what the love of my life carries!

Today I am thankful for GETTING INTO THE GLOBAL MAKE-UP ARTISTRY PROGRAM AT BLANCHE MACDONALD *happy dancing*, hot yoga and belly dancing!

Today is a good day, guys– and it’s only getting better!

Love, love, love you all and thank-you for reading, even with my horrible Shakira reference! Such a long read, but, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! You put up with so much! Sending my love and positive vibes your way!


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Support Local: Indigena Skincare


Today I’m going to give you the low down on Indigena Skincare, a brand local to Newfoundland but available online! They are one of Atlantic Canada’s top skincare brands and deserve the title!

Indigena Skincare makes their products from rare indigenous plants to Newfoundland and Labrador and is all natural and organic with their formulas. They do not use ingredients with pesticides, that were animal tested, are from parabens or petroleum– which is incredible for your skin! There are also no added colours or fragrances in any of their products! Handpicked skincare–it doesn’t get any better than that.

I have been really into skincare lately, experimenting with products and working on clearing up my skin and I have to say; I really love some of these for everyday use.

Disclaimer: I have normal/combination skin with minor breakouts due to stress/hormonal/diet changes in my life. My skin is not sensitive, just “picky”. Some products get completely rejected whether “naturally made” or otherwise, some products work wonders! This review will be mostly based off of what works for my skin type!

If you want to try out any of the products I’ll be mentioning, make sure you head over to http://www.indigenaskincare.com and use the code “BECCA15” for 15% off your purchase. 

Rooibos Tea Cleanser

I’m not much of a cleanser junkie. I tend to stick with the same 2 or 3, and don’t sway too often. I know what I like and that’s the “Philosophy Purity Made Cleanser” or the “Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk”. When it comes to skincare, I tend to branch out with serums, moisturizers, scrubs, and face masks but this really caught my eye! When I was running through the product “promises”, I saw that it said it did exactly what my other favourite cleansers do–so I took the chance that it might be a new favourite and it totally is.

It contains:
♡ Organic olive oil
♡ Organic aloe
♡ Organic lavender
♡ Organic rooibos tea
♡ Organic
white tea
♡ Vitamin A
♡ Vitamin C
♡ Vitamin B
♡ Vitamin E 

Basically, all of the good stuff that your skin needs all jam packed into a beautifully scented cleanser. If you love the scent of white tea, or other fresh scented products, you’ll really enjoy this added into your current skincare routine!

It’s creamy formula is completely non abrasive or irritating, it’s super hydrating and really does remove 95% of my make-up…Which is impressive, especially when I hella cake face. I do have a pretty extensive night-time routine to remove all the crap I put on my face, so this is more of a daytime cleanser for me personally. It smells AMAZING and works really well on my Clarisonic.

I personally won’t put anything with exfoliant on my Clarisonic because it is just way too much for my skin to handle. As it is now, I get grumpy with any sort of skin irritations… Let’s not make it worse willingly, shall we. I myself get a lot of blemishes through stress or hormones, therefore, I try my best to keep away from anything that will heavily exfoliate my skin or known irritants like gritty textured products, chemical peels, toners with a lot of alcohol content and especially NO hardcore spot treatments! During my breakouts I like to stick to natural products, minimal skincare steps and lightweight moisturizers.

It says that this product can also be used as a light moisturizer, which I haven’t tried yet and am a little afraid too as well. A cleanser shouldn’t be able to be left on the skin, in my opinion. A cleanser should be washed off! If you try that out, let me know in the comments because I’m a little weary. Like those shaving creams that can be conditioners?? Ummmm…?!!?!? I’m okay, thanks.

This cleanser retails for $12CAD for 40ml of product and you’ll literally love every last millilitre.

Partridgeberry Lip BalmDSC_0282

This Partridgeberry Lip Balm literally screams Newfoundland!

I love the smell, I love the taste but I wish that there was something special about this lip balm. It’s just a basic lip balm, really! I have it in my purse currently just for a quick fix if my lips get really dry but there are tons of other lip balms that I reach for before this one!

Very similar in texture to Burt’s Bees, which are great lip balms–just not my taste! I like smooth, oily lip balms with more of a cream texture than a wax texture! But this would be perfect for anyone that really loves Burt’s Bees formula! If you’re looking for an amazing lip balm–creamy, silky, long-wearing–check out Good On Ya’s Lip Balms! They’re incredible and $5–literally pocket change.

This lip balm retails for $5, as well. Again, if you’re into a thick, waxy lip balm..
This is for you, girl.

Sea Goddess Bath Crystals DSC_0285DSC_0288

This, along with the “Bikini Babe” Bath Crystals are my absolute favourite! Mind you, they’re the only two that I’ve tried… Yet. This one features tri-colour seaweed and sea salt for a hydrating, calming and detoxing effect while added peppermint really awakens the senses! It’s my favourite “early morning” bath additive and I’ve really been loving it as a foot soak.

I’m on my feet 10-15 hours per day (boohoo, right?) and my feet have really taken a toll. I use 1 cup in 5 cups hot water for the BEST smelling foot soak ever. Use a pumice stone and some of their Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub… And voila! An at-home pedi. The scrub is also in a lovely blueberry scent for those of you who aren’t huge fans of the apple.

I wish there was a bigger packaging, as it only comes in 80g bags for $8, but I still love the product! If only it came in bulk, life would be complete! (Hilariously enough, I messaged Indigena and was like “TELL ME when you sell bulk bath salts and I’ll buy them ALL… They responded that they’d do a large quantity order… Scream crying!!! Thank-you guys!!)

Life. Complete.

I love using this product along with a few green tea bags in the bath. Green tea also has a very detoxing effect on the body and is so soothing on the skin. The smells combined–peppermint and green tea– are very subtle but so incredible together. I highly recommend trying it.

Seaberry SoapDSC_0294

I am so down with this soap it’s actually almost funny.
Who likes soap this much? Me, apparently.

I don’t buy soap and I generally don’t care for bar soap all that much but this is so amazing! It’s moisturizing and such a gentle exfoliator–I having been using it in the morning along with my Rooibos Tea Cleanser for a gentle morning cleanse! This is also great for anyone with breakouts on their body. It’s gentle exfoliating properties work really work well on body breakouts while not completely ripping your skin apart, *cough cough* St. Ives Apricot Scrub *cough cough*… It’s $5 for 26g or $15 for 100g.

I’m completely out of this soap and intend on repurchasing! I had the 26g round and it lasted about 3 weeks using it every single day. I used this on my face daily and three times on my entire body once the idea struck me! So approximately 25 uses per 26g bar… That’s some magical stuff right there, guys! Especially for $5!

Blueberry Bliss Face MasqueDSC_0301

Y’all know I’m all about the face masks. You give me a good mask and I’ll buy 12 pounds of it–this might be a new addition. 

It’s made with fermented blueberry powder from wild grown Newfoundland hand picked Trinity Bay berries, kaolin clay and Rosehip powder hand picked from Virginia Rose on the Avalon Peninsula which is pretty much as “Newfoundland” as it gets.

You can mix 1/4 of a teaspoon with equal parts water and apply as a mask or you can use it as an exfoliator! Blueberries are amazing for the skin with a ton of antioxidants, anti-aging properties as well as acne clearing benefits!

Kaolin clay is equally as great for the skin as it draws out impurities and excess oil from the skin. I did find this to be a bit drying but I applied a light moisturizer afterwards and didn’t have a problem! It retails for $15 for 15g, which is very pricey but it is an excellent product. This gave me 4 full face masks, but could be stretched for 5. That’s $3 per mask which is totally reasonable, in hindsight. I’m just frugal and really don’t like spending money on things unless I’m OBSESSED. This, I could life without but don’t want too.. You know? You feel me?

Long story short, it’s a wicked face mask with great stuff in it that will make your face pretty for $15. Short and sweet. Like me (Sorry, I had to).

Onto the cons… Sorry, but, here come the bummers! I hate being the one to rain on everyone’s parade but honest blogs are what you’re here for and what you’re going to get. SO here we go… I really dislike their website and I’m not a huge fan of the inconsistent packaging.

Packaging….Who cares??

You will when you’re wondering what’s in the Rooibos Tea Cleanser, or when you’re gifted a Bayman beard oil and are allergic to a certain ingredient and there’s nothing listed… ANYWHERE! As a blogger, it’s my duty to deliver 100% of the information to you so that you, as a consumer, can make the call if you’re interested in a product or otherwise! How can I do that properly with NO ingredients listed on the site or on the packaging of products? I won’t just put anything on my face or stand behind products that I don’t think are worth the hype… Ingredients play a huge factor.

Also, the inconsistency in packaging is a little bit frightening. Below are 4 Indigena skincare products that, if they were on a shelf in a local store, I wouldn’t associate as the same brand.

Photo: Megan Warren, http://www.dontforgetto-sparkle.blogspot.ca



$75…. Yes. $75. Sugar scrub. $75. *dies inside*
This bad boy is $50 for 40ml… SCREAM CRYING

As you can see, there’s even an inconsistency in the photography! They’ve said they’re updating the website and I’m so thrilled that their social media and online presentation will be up to quality with their products! It’ll be a great launch for Indigena!

As of right now, three links head to the same product. “Newfoundland skincare”, “Lip Balm” and “Patridgeberry” in their down menu under Shop, all link to the Patridgeberry Lip Balm, yet their “Smooch Lip Balm” isn’t under lip balm, it’s under “Lip Care”…. WHAT?!!!? This was just a little frustrating when navigating their website. Also, the fact that there were a lot of grammatical errors and spelling errors made me weary of their products. I took a chance and this is totally not in line with the quality of their products. Again, I’m SO excited for the re-vamp of their website. It needs a media experts touch!

Don’t let this steer you away from their products!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, guys! Although, I’m a sucker for cute packaging..

If you’re interested in Indigena Skincare, on a budget, but really want to try at least one thing.. Pick up the bath salts. I haven’t found anything comparable in any other brand and they’re so incredible with scents, healing and calming properties and I adore their ingredient list. I’m not one to be “all natural or nothing” kind of deal, but when I can pronounce the entire ingredient list and genuinely enjoy the product, I’m a happy camper! You won’t regret trying the bath salts, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out Indigena Skincare on their website: www.indigenaskincare.com
Or on their Facebook page: Indigena Skincare
Or on their Instagram: @indigenaskincare

You can use the code Becca15 for 15% off of your purchase online!

All of the pretty flowers in this post were given to me by Flower Studio on Hebron Way in St. John’s! Thank-you guys so much!

Check out their website: www.flower-studio.ca
Or their Facebook: Flower Studio
Or their Instagram: @flowerstudionl

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Today I’m thankful for my ever-growing extended family, lemon tea and wet kisses!


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LUSH’s “Guardian of the Forest” Bath Bomb Review

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that “me time” became “stressed out in the tub thinking about all of the things that I have to do time”. My life has finally settled into a routine and I found myself able to actually enjoy a nice, hot bath. All by myself, glass of wine, phone off– ahhhhhh. I’m not one to enjoy my own company often, but, today was the perfect day for a long soak. Not a worry in the world.

Today’s partner in crime was LUSH’s Guardian of the Forest bath bomb.


This bath bomb is 170g for $7.50 on the Lush CosmeticsLush Cosmetics website and is one of their more popular bath bombs alongside Yoga Bomb and Intergalactic and for good reason!

This bath bomb contains ingredients like cypress oil, lime oil, rosewood oil and oakmoss absolute that fill your tub with incredibly moisturizing essential oils and the smell of the woods, without smelling like a pine tree. It’s a very calming earthy, but yet citrus scent–exactly what you think cypress, lime and rosewood would smell like combined. (Another award for that scent description, I’m really starting to excel at this *eye roll*)


This bath bomb is definitely in my top 5 and will be repurchased and paired with a ton of bath products that I currently own. The best way to combine bath products is to get a small strainer or even better, just a small handheld sift and combine your products in the bowl. You’re able to run this under the water to activate your bath bombs, melt your bath melts and combine the 2-3 bath products that you’d like to try together. A great example of this is on my favourite LUSH enthusiast’s Instagram, @thebathingbeaut.

I also fell in love with the colour of the water, although not important, it was such a beautiful green that I was so mesmerized!


This lime green haze filled my tub and surprisingly didn’t stain (win-win) and the woodsy-citrus scent stuck to my body for hours afterwards! Waking up in the morning, I can still smell the scent of rosewood on my skin. It’s lovely!

This is definitely a bath bomb for everyone. Whether you like sweet scents, or fresh scents–floral or masculine–it’s such an overall flattering smell that it I think even the toughest critic would love. It’s also very unisex with it’s colouring. I don’t know about the man in your life, but mine likes a good tub… But not when it’s bright pink with sparkles, though this bomb does add a smidgen of shimmer to the water. He won’t notice though, pinky promise. This bath bomb is perfect for a little male (or female) company in the tub with your fussy partner! Masculine, yet feminine in scent, it doesn’t reveal itself as obnoxiously “girly” and is still super moisturizing for your bathing benefit.


If you want to try out this bath bomb, head over to www.lush.ca to check it out. A few of my other favourite “unisex” bath bombs include Frozen, Big Blue and Avobath. Something you’ll like that you can convince a gruff and tumble man to step into (good luck, girl)


Today I am thankful for hot baths, watercolour painting and early mornings.

Thanks for reading darings!


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My Experience with Benefit Brow Bar

Let’s talk about brows, baby.

After 3 weeks of allowing my brows to get as unruly as possible (and they were definitely unruly), I headed over to Sephora to see Kaite Bishop at the Benefit Brow Bar! 


I am very picky with my eyebrows! I like them “just so” and I rarely get them done by someone else as I have a horrible fear that my eyebrows will never be the same again! If you’re like me and need an aesthetician who does your brows the way you want them done and not the way that they have them done… Go see Kaite, she’s a miracle worker and does exactly what you want. You’ll have the most fleek-tastic brows once she’s finished, girl.

First of all… Let’s talk about how cute this set-up is. It’s adorable.

Kaite gave me a little walk-through of their set-up, waxing techniques and additional services that are very different from most salons! Benefit Brow Bar is really much more than a brow service counter, it’s an experience. 

Firstly, they use what most salons carry–water, cooling gel, alcohol, hand sanitizer and wax removing oil– very straight forward in their waxing products.


Kaite begin by cleaning the area and then “brow mapping” my eyebrows. This is a service, free of charge, that’s only offered at Benefit Brow Bar!

This process is used to mark where my brow should start, arch and end while the outline is to guide the aesthetician on how thick the customer wants his/her brow. I made it clear to Kaite that I wear my brows thick and want to keep them thick! She’s done my brows before, outside of the Benefit Brow Bar, so I trusted her to know my likings! She did ask the usual questions, though! “How thick?”, “How often do you pluck?”, “Do you over line or fill in?” etc. Me personally, I like to over line my brows and fill in. This means that I use a brow product to shape my brows as well as make them more opaque by filling them in! Such a diva, right?

After my brow mapping, which I was so extremely impressed with, she went on to wax my brows. This is where I cringe… This is where I normally hold the sides of the chair and pray to God it ends soon.. First rip aaaannnnd… Nothing. I felt nothing.

I feel like I have been lied too by anyone who has ever done my brows, now. Honey wax is BS. I have never been to a brow appointment that didn’t hurt and didn’t leave my skin red, irritated, bruised or bleeding– I’m dead serious. When I left this appointment, you’d never guess that I had just been waxed minutes ago!

After my waxing, Kaite cleaned up the excess wax and moved on to plucking strays–very ordinary– and then filling in my brows with product.. Not so ordinary! This was probably my favourite experience with Benefit Brow Bar! She used some old favourites and new products on my brows to create the perfect shape and “ombre brow”. This means that I left my appointment able to take on the rest of the day with these badass brows! How cool, right?

I was the colour “5” in their new Ka-Brow pomade, which means that I would be that colour throughout their entire new collection–so easy to colour match! She also highlighted my brow bone with my OG favourite, High Beam and then set my brows with my other ride or die product, Benefit’s Gimme Brow! She gave me a sample of the new Ka-Brow, so I was beyond stoked!

After playing with Ka-Brow for the past few weeks, I think when purchase the full-size product, I’ll go down to a “4” in their colour range! I found my brows were as dark as my hair, which is normally the goal, but I like to wear my brows a tad lighter–almost ashy in comparison to my hair colour!

Overall, I really enjoyed my appointment with Kaite from the Benefit Brow Bar and would completely recommend their services. I normally spent $15-$18 per waxing appointment, when I was going to other salons for waxing back in the day, and Benefit’s brow wax services start at $24, which is totally affordable and reasonable for the services provided… and a sample? It’s a steal.

Benefit Brow Bar also offers tweezing and tinting as well as waxing for your lip with all possible combinations for “package deals”. Example: If you want a brow wax and tint, you save $8. If you want a brow wax, brow tint and lip wax you’ll be saving $13 by getting the package deal instead of paying for every service individually.


I only have one downfall about the entire experience! It’s a little awkward getting your brows done in the middle of Sephora, not that I cared, but some people might! Especially if you’re getting your lip waxed! Mind you, 90% of Sephora clientele are women that won’t think twice about a good ol’ fashioned lip wax, but, some people might not appreciate being gawked at during this (possibly embarrassing) process. It may have been a little bit more inviting if it were off to the side, in a corner, you know.. Not by the cash.

All in all though, I LOVED my brows afterwards. Spencer said “slay queen” and “fleek” in the same sentence, although mocking me, BUT he said it. I highly recommend Benefit Brow Bar and equally recommend Kaite Bishop’s services if you’re in the St. John’s area. She has the best brows in town, but she’ll make you a close second!


If you want brows that make your boyfriend say “fleek”, pop into your local Sephora and make an appointment with your local Benefit Brow Bar aesthetician. If you’re in the St. John’s area, do yourself the favour and book with Kaite!

Today I’m thankful for thick brows, red wine and cuddle time.
Thanks for reading, you pretty things!


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Unmasked: Good On Ya’s Atlantic Kelp Hydrating Mask

♥︎ Next in the “Unmasked” series: Good On Ya’s Atlantic Kelp Hydrating Mask! ♥︎


I have been HYPED on the face mask craze lately. And by “lately”, I mean “always”.
Something about a good deep cleaning just gets me right in the sweet spot! I dish out some serious cash for face masks that I find work for me, but I’ve been learning lately that sometimes you can find equally as good (or better) face masks at a fraction of the cost.


Example A: Good On Ya Atlantic Kelp Hydrating Mask VS. GlamGlow SuperMud


Never in my life did I think I would find a mask comparable to GlamGlow SuperMud. If you’ve tried GlamGlow SuperMud, you’ll totally understand what I’m talking about. With a good exfoliation to start off with, this mask will literally rip every last bit of gunk and oil from your pores. Nothing comparable had crossed my path until this mask.


In comparison, Good On Ya’s mask costs $30 for 10 uses, full face. GlamGlow’s mask costs $69 for 10 uses, full face… $69!!!! That’s manic. That’s crazy. And I paid that… Twice! I repurchased it and I’m literally KICKING myself now. I wish this was made years ago!!!


Honestly, price aside, I like the Atlantic Kelp mask MORE.


As it’s a dry mask that you add liquid too, I can add whatever I want to it. Essential oils, apple cider vinegar, honey, just water… What have you! It’s totally customizable in that way AND it’s travel friendly. You can also use it as a spot treatment much more effectively. Simply dip a Q-Tip in apple cider vinegar for a deep clean or water, for sensitive skin and dip into the powder then apply directly to the problem area. No wasted product!


As you can see from the photo above, all of those little dark dots on my nose are oil being pulled out of my pores! Literally mind blown at just how much gunk it extracted! After I applied a full face, I went back in just across the nose with a thicker layer of product and it pulled out even more… If that’s even possible.


Another great thing about this mask compared to the GlamGlow SuperMud is that GlamGlow is super drying. After I use GlamGlow, I then have to use their ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment–great marketing to have to use one product because of another, but not great on my wallet. At a total of $138 for what the Good On Ya mask does for $30? It’s kind of a no-brainer.


For me personally, some of my worst skin problems stem from deep, black pores that are only concealed through the best make-up coverage, but this is more of a permanent solution to my problem areas! The redness and uneven discolouration in my skin had also diminished–this stuff is miracle powder.


I’ve used this 6 times now, mixing mostly with water but also with organic apple cider vinegar and also once with honey, oats and a little coconut oil for a gentle exfoliant. Apple cider vinegar is amazing for your skin as it balances the pH levels to keep your skin from being too oily or too dry by balancing the production of sebum, which is just an “oily secretion” from your glands.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar:
♥︎ Fights against age spots
♥︎ Reduces blemishes
♥︎ Smooths the appearance of wrinkles
♥︎ Draws out a serious amount of toxins from your pores


The mixture with honey, oats and coconut oil is great for anyone who wants a gentle clean and more calming properties AKA if you have a ton of redness and very sensitive to certain products on your face, this combination is for you. When choosing edible products that will be going on your skin, always try to find organic. It’s made with less preservatives and will be less of an irritant, if at all.

Organic Honey:
♥︎ Is a natural antibacterial that will help reduce and prevent acne
♥︎ Full of antioxidants that slow down the aging process
♥︎ Creates a healthy glow with moisturizing properties
♥︎ Opens up the pores making other products able to penetrate easier

Natural Oats:
♥︎ Has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for most skin types
♥︎ Contains saponins, a mild cleansing agent
♥︎ Helps remove dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation
♥︎ Can help treat acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes
♥︎ Can repair damage from other chemicals, such as alpha hydroxy acids, surfactants, and bleaches that may be in other facial products that you use
♥︎ Can help calm the skin

Organic Coconut Oil:
♥︎ Is extremely moisturizing without clogging pores
♥︎ Has three fatty acids– capric, caprylic and lauric acid— that possess both disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, helping to protect against as well as heal microbial infections like pimples, cold sores and any ingrown hairs!
♥︎ Soothes the rashes and irritation of most skin conditions after regular use with it’s anti-inflammatory properties
♥︎ Smells freakin’ delicious


My favourite mix is simply water, peppermint essential oil and Atlantic Kelp Mask powder! The mask itself has amazing hydrating properties while the peppermint makes my skin brighter and helps to control any feisty break outs. 


When mixing with apple cider vinegar, be sure to mix in a 2:1 ratio as your skin might dry out with too much vinegar. It’s also best to patch test when using any ingredients on your face that you haven’t tried before! I know organic apple cider vinegar is okay on my face, but it may not react as well on yours. 


Finishing off, I like to go in with a little bit of the Sweet Bay Body Butter for my nighttime moisturizer. It’s thick consistency is able to soak in overnight and with all natural ingredients, I have yet to have any sort of problems with my pores clogging from this product. Once in your hands, it warms into almost an oil-like cream that’s easily spread over the entire face! The smell is absolutely incredible–oranges and vanilla–and in the morning, your face will be so incredibly soft!

They also carry other scents!
♥ Trinity (rosemary, mint, eucalyptus)
♥ Calmer (lavender)
♥ Bareneed (unscented)
♥ Mint Brook (chocolate mint)
♥ Conception Harbour (natural chocolate)


Try this on your feet, as well!

I lather my heels up in this body butter before bed and slide on a pair of socks to make sure that I don’t make a mess in my sheets. In the morning, your feet will feel brand new. 

♥︎$25 Large (150ml)
♥︎$15 Small (25ml)


If you’d like to pick up some Good On Ya products, like the ones I’ve mentioned above, send them over a quick message through their Facebook page and they’ll help you with placing your orders. Tell them Becca sent you!


Check them out on their Facebook page: Good On Ya
Or on their Instagram: @goodonyanl



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